Visa Cost for Qatar: How much is the Cost of Visa to Qatar

The cost of a Qatar visa varies depending on multiple factors. More specifically, visa type and stay duration are the primary determinants of Qatar visa cost. Urgency also influences the cost significantly. Typically, you must pay a fast-track visa service fee if you need the visa urgently. Read on to learn more about Qatar visa – visa cost for Qatar and other related aspects.

Here, we will explore Qatar visa types and their cost for Indian citizens. But first, let’s look at Qatar visa rules and requirements in general.

Qatar Visa Rules and Requirements

Qatar is one of the countries with the most lenient visa policies globally. It offers visa waivers for over 95 states, allowing their citizens to enter and stay in the country visa-free. And India is among the privileged countries. Thus, Indian citizens do not need to get a visa before traveling to Qatar.

To visit Qatar, Indian travelers only need to apply for a visa-free entry permit at the entry point on arrival. The permit allows Indian visitors 30 days of stay in Qatar without a visa. It is, however, extendable for another 30 days. In addition, it entitles them to multiple trips to and from Qatar during the initial validity period.

They must, however, meet the following requirements to qualify for the Qatar visa waiver.

Qatar Visa-Free Entry Permit (Visa Waiver) Requirements for Indian Citizens

  • A valid passport – valid for at least six months
  • A valid return or onward ticket
  • Proof of accommodation or confirmed hotel booking
  • Proof of funds – at least QR 5000 bank or credit card balance (internationally-accepted credit or debit card balance)
  • A copy of bank statement – most recent three months’ statement

Note: The debit or credit card must be under the applicant’s name.

Also, note that the passport must have at least two blank pages for the relevant entry authorization stamps.

What is the Qatar Visa Cost For Indian Citizens?

The Qatar visa cost for Indian citizens varies depending on the type of visa you’re seeking. For example, the Qatar business visa costs relatively higher than a tourist visa. Essentially, the purpose and stay duration are the primary determinants of the cost of a Qatar visa. Below is a deep dive into various Qatar visas and their prices.

Qatar On Arrival Visa for Indian Citizens

While India is privileged for a Qatar visa waiver, eligible Indians do not have to get a visa before traveling. They can get a Qatar visa on arrival.

Qatar visa on arrival for Indian citizens is entirely free of cost. You will only have for extension time if you intend to stay in the country longer than 30 days. However, you must take note of the following requirements per Qatar on arrival visa new rules.

  • The hotel booking must be made via the official Discover Qatar website. Note that hotel reservations made through other websites are not eligible.
  • Visitors’ health insurance policy (valid for at least 30 days) is now mandatory for all foreign visitors. That means you must buy health insurance to qualify for a visa on arrival.

The most exciting thing is that no pre-travel registration or approval is needed to qualify for Qatar on-arrival visas for Indians. All you have to do is self-access your eligibility and ensure you meet all the requirements prior to traveling.

Also, we recommend purchasing a visitor’s health insurance before traveling to ease the visa-on-arrival application process.

Check the official Ministry of Public Health website for a list of authorized registered insurance companies.

Qatar Visa For GCC Residents

Essentially, only GCC nationals enjoy the freedom of movement in Qatar without a visa. GCC residents, on the other hand, need a Qatar visit visa (entry permit) to enter and stay in the country. For example, if you are an Indian citizen living in Kuwait, you will need a Qatar visa to enter Qatar.

As per Qatari visa policy, residents of GCC countries do not need prior visa arrangements for Qatar. The visa is on arrival obtainable at QAR200 service fee (approximately ₹2250).

Note, however, the GCC resident visa for Qatar allows its holder a single entry into the country. It is valid for 30 days but can be extended for 60 more days for QAR200 (approximately ₹2250) per month.

To qualify for this Qatar visa, GCC residents must present the following.

  • A valid GCC residence visa (permit) – valid for at least six months
  • A valid passport with at least six months of validity time
  • A valid return ticket
  • Proof of accommodation or a confirmed hotel reservation
  • A valid visitor’s health insurance policy – at least 30 days validity

Also, it is essential to note that you must depart from your country of residence in GCC. That is, you must arrive from the GCC country from which you hold your residence visa.

Tourist Visa

Indians can apply for a tourist visa in advance through the MOI website or on arrival at the entry point. Notably, a Qatar visa on arrival is free of cost. It entitles the tourist to multiple trips to Qatar within its validity time frame.

Prior application for a tourist visa costs the principal applicant approximately ₹2,260 and ₹ 1,130 for every person accompanying him. The permit is typically valid for 30 days. You can,  however, extend the visa validity for 60 more days. In that case, you must pay an extension fee of ₹2,250 per additional month.

Business Visa

Qatar business visa cost for Indian citizens varies depending on the intended stay duration. Typically, there are three types of Qatar business visas, each with particular requirements and prices. Below are the Qatar business visa types and their costs.

  • Seventy-two hours business visa – It is valid for 72 hours and extendable for 72 more hours at an additional fee of ₹1,130. The visa costs ₹1,130.
  • Thirty days business visa – this type of Qatar visa costs approximately ₹4,520. It is valid for 30 days but is extendable for 60 more days. The extension fee is about ₹4,520 per additional month.
  • Ninety days business visa – this is a long-term business visa valid for up to nine months. The initial visa is typically valid for 90 days. it costs approximately ₹13,560 and ₹4,520 per extensional month.

Work Visa

If you intend to move to Qatar for work purposes, a prior visa arrangement is required. This visa is usually valid for up to 90 days. It is a temporary entry permit that allows you to enter and work in Qatar for a short term.

So, how much cost of Qatar work visa for Indian citizens?

The Qatar work visa cost for Indian citizens is approximately ₹4,520. If you intend to stay longer than three months, you will want to convert the visa to a work residence visa. This will cost you an additional fee of approximately ₹11,300.

Transit Visa

This is an entry permit that allows foreign travelers to transit through Qatar. Qatar transit visa requirement applies to travelers looking to stop over Qatar for a few hours. It permits travelers to leave the entry point for a short while. Indian citizens can apply for a transit visa before traveling or on arrival. The visa is free of charge and, valid for up to 96 hours, non-extendable.

Final Words

The fact that Indian travelers are eligible for a Qatar visa waiver doesn’t mean you do not need a visa entirely. The waiver allows you to travel into the country prior to visa arrangements. You must obtain a visa (visa-free entry permit) on arrival. The best thing about a Qatar visa on arrival is that it is free of cost.

We recommend accessing your eligibility and ensuring you meet all the requirements before traveling. Alternatively, you can apply for the visa online at a fee. The mentioned here are the latest fee requirements for Qatar visas for Indian citizens.


Q1. Where can I apply for a Qatar visa from India?

You can apply for a Qatar visa through the official Qatar Ministry of Interior (MOI) website or at Qatar’s embassy in India.

Q2. What is the family visit visa cost for Indian citizens?

Qatar family visit visa costs QAR 200 (approximately ₹2,2690) and QAR 50 (₹1,130) for every companionship.

Q3. Do GCC citizens need a visa for Qatar?

No. GCC citizens do not need any form of visa to enter Qatar.

Q4. How much is the basic visitor’s health insurance policy?

The basic Qatar visitors insurance policy is ₹1,130, valid for 30 days.


To check your Qatar visa status, you need your visa number or passport number. The MOI Qatar portal and QVC website offer step-by-step guides and additional services such as visa extension and approval tracking.