How to register a mobile number with Qatar ID?

In this article, you will get to know the detailed steps of the Metrash2 application. Concise and effective info is added, to easily register your mobile number with Qatar ID. Yes, there are many problems regarding the application. We have included the problems with the respective solutions so that you can do this documentation work successfully and with ease. FAQs are certainly added to further clarify any queries. The metrash2 application can solve numerous problems with a clean user interface on your mobile phone. Keep reading, for correct & detailed information.

What is the Metrash2 app?

Metrash2 application is a free smartphone app by the Qatar Ministry of Interior (MOI). It enables the residents and citizens to access more than 215 services by the MOI from mobile phones.

Metrash2 app

How to register a mobile number with Qatar ID using Metrash2?

It’s very simple to add your mobile number to your Qatar ID. How to do it is described in these steps.

  1. Open the Metrash2 app on your device and select “Inquiries“.
  2. Locate the “Metrash for Individuals” icon and click on it
  3. Enter your “QID Number” and the new “Mobile Number
  4. Choose a language, then enter the CAPTCHA code (on the picture) in its respective field
  5. Click on the “Subscribe” button. Metrash will send you an OTP for activating the new number
  6. Enter the OTP and hit the Send button. You will receive a message notifying you that you have subscribed your mobile number.

Registering your phone number with Qatar ID using MOI website.

Follow those instructions to complete your phone number registration with Qatar ID.

Step- 01: Goto Ministry of Interior (MOI) official website. The default language is Arabic. you can change the language to English.

Step-02: Find and click on the “Inquiries” link.

Step-03: Locate the “Metrash” icon and click on it.

Step-04: Find the “Metrash for Individuals” icon and click on it.

Step-05: Enter your “QID Number” and the new “Mobile Number“.

Step-06: Choose a language, then enter the CAPTCHA code (on the picture) in its respective field

Step-07: Click on the “Subscribe” button. Metrash will send you an OTP for activating the new number

Enter the OTP and hit the Send button. You will receive a message notifying you that you have subscribed to your mobile number.

You can connect your phone number to your Qatar ID by visiting the nearest Ooredoo or Vodafone branch (depending on your company). You need to bring your QID.

Registering your second device with the Metrash2 application.

The second device must be active to use the Metrash2 services.

  • Install the Metrash2 app on a second device.
  • Type in the QID and password associated with the earlier device.
  • The device previously used to activate Metrash2 will receive a One Time Password (OTP) that is valid for 10 minutes from the system.
  • On the second device, the Metrash2 services will be authorized after you provide your OTP password.

In case you do not know your number, there are some ways to know your number.

If you are an Ooredoo user, Simply dial *129# from your sim. Wait for a few seconds and you will receive an SMS from Ooredoo showing the balance and the “sim number”.

If you are a Vodafone user, Call *#100# for free with your Vodafone mobile device. Your phone number will show up on your screen within a while.

How to Change Registered Mobile Number in Metrash2

Your QID-connected mobile number has Metrash2 active. You may occasionally need to update your mobile number. For that:

How to Change Registered Mobile Number in Metrash2
  • Visit or open Metrash2 app on your mobile.
  • Click the image marked “Inquiries
  • To access “Metrash for Individuals,” click “Metrash.”
  • Type in your QID as well as your new cellphone number.
  • Type the verification code that appears on the image or audio.
  • Then select “Change number.”
  • OTP will send your new mobile number. After entering OTP, your new mobile number will be activated.

You can get guidance and technical assistance by calling the Metrash2 contact number, 23420000. Or email your query to: [email protected]

Problems & Solutions

If you are experiencing login or account-related issues, please review the procedures below.

  • The login/account issue could be brought on by the Metrash2 server being unavailable. Please try again after a short while.
  • Your mobile data or wifi connection isn’t functioning properly. Verify your data connection, please.
  • You might be using the incorrect login information. Please be sure the information you are entering is accurate.
  • Chances are that you may be logging in through a third-party social network, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google. Make sure that the service is operational by going to their official website.
  • For actions, your account can be banned or terminated. Read error messages carefully.

Other information

Simplifying the overall steps to use the Metrash2 application.

After downloading, the Metrash2, the system will show up; click the system icon.

Launch Metrash2 and enter the necessary information.

The login screen where you enter your password appears after confirmation.

You can start using Metrash2 by accessing the main service menu.

Step 1: Enter your unique QID number and click “Next.”

Step 2: Enter the expiration date for your unique QID and then click “Next”.

Step 3:Verify that the applicant’s name is on the mobile number registration.

Step 4: Press “Send” to send the SMS to 92992.

Step 5: Enter your password and click “Next” after receiving an SMS with a two-part activation key.

Step 6: Type in the activation key’s two components and click “Next.”

Step 7: To use the service, enter your password.

Step 8: To begin using the services, click “Accept.”

The registration process is completely free of charge and only takes a few minutes to complete.

Availing of NAS service through Metrash2

Metrash2 can be used to simply get NAS service.

The National Authentication System (Tawtheeq) acts as a national identity provider for all government online services. It provides secure authentication, digital signing and Single-Sign-On (SSO) services and is a key component in e-services development and security. It delivers improved security, usability and efficiency for end-users of government e-services.

For further information, please contact the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology at (+974) 44069996 or via email address [email protected].


How can I download the Metrash2 app on my mobile phone?

You can download the Metrash2 application from Google Playstore, App store or Huawei App Gallery. The links are mentioned below,

How can I change my language in the Metrash2 application?

Inside the app, click on the top-right icon. Scroll down to the last option named “Settings”. Click on “Application Language”.

Can I use the Metrash2 application on more than 1 device?

Yes, you can use the Metrash2 application on 2 devices. You can simply download it and start using it after completing the procedures.

For instance, if I do not have a number. How can I buy a (new) number?

You will need your Qatar ID to purchase a local SIM card. You can present your ID card to buy your SIM card at the supermarket. The cost of a SIM card is around 15 QR. You can get your SIM and start using it.

What are the available payment methods supported by Metrash2?

Credit card payment, Direct debit through the bank (just for companies).

If you still have any confusion about How to register a mobile number with Qatar ID, or any related issues about the Metrash2 application, don’t hesitate to mention it in the comment box. We will try our best to help you out.

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