How To Check New Iqama Issued or Not in KSA [update 2023]

When it comes to living and working in Saudi Arabia, having a valid Iqama is of utmost importance. This resident permit, often referred to as the “Iqama,” serves as a legal document that grants expatriates the right to reside and work in the country. Verifying your Iqama status is required to ensure compliance with local regulations and to enjoy a smooth experience during your time in Saudi Arabia.

Understanding Iqama and its Importance

The Iqama is more than just a piece of identification. It symbolizes your legal presence in Saudi Arabia and serves as your primary identification document within the country. It goes beyond a mere residency permit, as it also grants you the right to work and access essential services.

The Iqama is a foundational document that aligns with Saudi Arabia’s labor laws and regulations. It not only allows you to stay in the country but also gives you access to vital services such as healthcare, education, and more. Additionally, employers often require a valid Iqama to process salary payments and other employment-related matters.

Checking Iqama Number and Status

Using Border Number to Check Iqama Status

One of the primary methods to verify your Iqama status is by using the Border Number. This unique identification number is associated with your Iqama and allows you to access essential information about your residency permit.

Procedure to Verify Iqama Status

To check your Iqama status, follow these steps:

1. Visiting the Ministry of Labor Website

Navigate to the official Ministry of Labor website, which provides a dedicated platform for individuals to check their Iqama status.

Click in the checkbox and the click on green button(أقر وأتعهد).

2. Language Selection

Choose the preferred language, usually English, for ease of understanding and navigation.

3. Entering the Border Number

how to check new iqama issued or not

Enter your Border Number accurately into the border number(رقم الهوية / الإقامة) field on the website.

4. Date of Birth Verification

Provide your date of birth as per the information in your passport.

3.2.5. Retrieving Details from Jawazat

Upon submitting the necessary information, the system will retrieve and display details such as your name, gender, nationality, and most importantly, your Iqama status. If your Iqama has been issued, this is where you’ll find the confirmation. If there is nothing displayed then your iqama is not issued yet.

Checking Iqama Status with Passport Number

you can check your iqama status using your passport number.

  1. Visit the official Ministry of Labor website. This page is in the Arabic language.
check new iqama issued or not

2. If you browse using Chrome then you can change the language to English.

check iqama status

3. Enter the passport number in the passport number(رقم الجواز) field.

4. Then enter your nationality(الجنسية) from the dropdown field.

5. Enter the verification code and then click on the “research” button.

how to check new iqama issued or not

The next page will display the result. If your iqama is issued then you will see the name, your iqama profession, and your company iqama color(red or green). Otherwise, there will be nothing displayed.

Understanding Border Number and its Role

What is the Border Number?

The Border Number is a unique identifier linked to your Iqama. It acts as a key that unlocks access to essential information about your residency status in Saudi Arabia.

The Border Number is the linchpin for verifying your Iqama status. It helps you access real-time information about your Iqama, ensuring that you’re always up-to-date with your residency details.

Dealing with Unissued Iqama

Consequences of Unissued Iqama

If your Iqama isn’t issued within a reasonable timeframe, you could face challenges accessing various services and benefits in Saudi Arabia. It’s important to address this issue promptly.

Timeline for Iqama Issuance

Iqama issuance timelines vary, but they generally should be completed within 90 days after your arrival in Saudi Arabia.

Transferring Sponsorship in Case of Delayed Iqama

If your Iqama isn’t issued within 90 days of your arrival, Saudi regulations allow you to transfer your sponsorship without requiring your current employer’s consent. This provision ensures that your rights are protected, even in situations of delayed Iqama issuance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You need to follow the above instructions to verify your Iqama status accurately.

How Can I Verify Iqama Status Using Border Number?

Visit the Ministry of Labor website, select your language preference, enter your Border Number and date of birth, and retrieve your Iqama status.

What if My Iqama is Not Issued Within 90 Days?

In this case, you have the right to transfer your sponsorship without requiring your current employer’s consent.


Verifying your Iqama status is a vital step in complying with Saudi regulations and enjoying a smooth stay in the country. Use the Border Number to access accurate and real-time information.

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