How to Check and Pay the Maktab Amal fee?

The Maktab Amal fee is an annual fee that must be paid by citizens and residents in Saudi Arabia to renew iqamas (residence permits). It is collected by the government to fund training programs and job placement services provided by the Human Resources Development Fund. Payment of this fee is mandatory for all expats aged 18 and above, so it’s important to know how to check if you need to pay it and how to pay it correctly. This guide will provide step-by-step instructions to check your Maktab Amal fee status and make the payment through the official channels.


Here are the key points covered in the guide on how to check and pay the Maktab Amal fee:

  • The Maktab Amal fee is an annual payment required from every expat aged 18+ residing in Saudi Arabia to renew their iqama (residency permit).
  • The fee amount varies based on visa type – SAR 300 for dependents and domestic workers, SAR 600 for employees.
  • You can check your Maktab Amal fee status on the Absher portal or the Ministry of Human Resources website by entering your iqama number.
  • If unpaid, the fee can be paid online through the MOI visa payment system by credit card or bank transfer.
  • Alternatively, you can pay in-person at designated bank branches in cash and get a receipt.
  • The payment receipt needs to be presented when renewing your iqama each year.
  • Paying on time is crucial, as delayed payments can lead to fines and iqama renewal getting rejected.
  • Exemptions are only allowed for certain visa categories like diplomats, not general expats.

What is the Maktab Amal Fee?

The Maktab Amal or Expat Fee was introduced in 2017 as part of the ‘Saudization’ drive to get more citizens into employment. It applies to every expat aged 18 or older residing in Saudi Arabia under any kind of iqama. The fee must be paid annually when renewing residency permits.

The amount of the Maktab Amal fee varies based on your immigration status:

– Dependent visa (housewife, student, elderly): SAR 300 per person
– Work visa: SAR 600 per person
– Driver/domestic help: SAR 300 per person

The fee aims to equip Saudi nationals with better training and opportunities through programs run by the Human Resources Development Fund. It also encourages the recruitment of locals by making it more expensive for companies to hire expats.

Checking Your Maktab Amal Fee Status

You can check if you need to pay the Maktab Amal fee when renewing your iqama in two ways:

Checking Your Maktab Amal Fee Status You can check if you need to pay the Maktab Amal fee when renewing your iqama in two ways:

1. Absher Portal

  • Go to the Absher portal ( and log in using your Absher account credentials. This is the same account used for other government services.
  • On the main page, click on ‘Inquiries on Services’
  • Under ‘Civil Affairs Services’, click on ‘Inquiries on Me and My Dependents’
  • Here you can see the status of your Maktab Amal fee payment under ‘Human Resources Development Fund (Hadaf)’. It will show ‘Pay fee’ if it needs to be paid.

2. Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development Portal

  • Go to the MHRSD portal (
  • Click on ‘Services’ and then ‘Inquiries’
  • Enter your Iqama number and search
  • It will show your Maktab Amal fee status – either paid or needs payment

If your status shows as unpaid, you will need to pay the fee to renew your iqama that year.

Paying the Maktab Amal Fee Online

The Maktab Amal fee can be paid through the Ministry of Interior’s online visa system. Here are step-by-step instructions:

Paying the Maktab Amal Fee Online
Paying the Maktab Amal Fee Online

1. Visit the visa payment portal at

2. Click on ‘Pay Fees’ and select ‘Maktab Al Amal’

Paying the Maktab Amal Fee Online
Paying the Maktab Amal Fee

3. Enter your Iqama number and click search. Your name and fee amount will show.

Iqama number and click search
Iqama number and click search

4. Select your payment method – credit card or SADAD/bank transfer.

5. For credit card payments, enter the card details and confirm.

6. For bank transfer, choose your bank and you will be redirected to the bank website/app to login and make the transfer.

7. Once done, you will receive an online payment confirmation receipt with a reference number.

8. The receipt can be downloaded as a PDF or sent via email/SMS. Print or save it as you will need it when renewing your iqama.

The entire process can be completed online in around 5-10 minutes. Make sure to pay well before your iqama renewal date to avoid any issues.

Paying In-Person at Bank Branches

You can also pay the Maktab Amal fee in-person at designated bank branches:

  • Visit any local branch of Al Rajhi Bank, Riyad Bank, or Banque Saudi Fransi
  • Inform the teller you want to pay the expat fee and provide your Iqama number
  • Pay the exact fee amount in cash and obtain a receipt
  • Keep this receipt safely as you’ll need it for iqama renewal

This option will require visiting the bank during working hours and may involve waiting in queues. So paying online is quicker and more convenient.

Iqama Renewal with Maktab Amal Fee

When your Iqama is due for renewal, you will need to provide the payment proof for clearing the Maktab Amal fee.

  • Visit an authorized typing center to renew your iqama
  • Provide your previous iqama, passport, payment receipt, and biometrics
  • The typing center will upload the renewal application along with your Maktab Amal fee receipt
  • Once approved, your new Iqama will be issued

Make sure to carry original receipts when going for renewal. Any dues on Maktab Amal or other fees can lead to rejection of the application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common queries about the Maktab Amal fee:

Q: Do dependents also need to pay this fee?

A: Yes, the fee applies to every expat aged 18 or over, including dependents. Dependents pay SAR 300 per person.

Q: My iqama is renewed for 1 year. Should I pay annually?

A: Yes, no matter your iqama validity, the Maktab Amal fee needs to be paid each year upon renewal.

Q: I renewed my iqama 6 months ago. Do I need to pay now?

A: No, you only need to pay upon iqama renewal when it is expiring. If you renewed recently, you can pay next year.

Q: Can I pay in advance for future years?

A: No, you can only pay for the current renewal year. Pre-payments are not accepted.

Q: What if I don’t pay the fee on time?

A: Your iqama renewal will not be processed until you clear outstanding dues. Delayed payments also incur a fine of SAR 10 per day.

Q: How can I get an exemption from this fee?

A: Exemptions are only allowed for certain categories like diplomats, military personnel, clergy members etc. General expats cannot be exempted.


The Maktab Amal fee is a mandatory levy that helps increase employment for Saudi nationals. By law, every expat aged 18 and above must pay it annually when renewing iqama residency permits. You can easily verify your fee status online and make payments through the MOI visa portal or at select bank branches. Make sure to retain the original receipts for providing during iqama renewal. Paying the fee on time avoids any fines or complications with getting your renewed residency permit.